Monday, January 24, 2011

Swelling goes down, Spirits go up.

This morning my sister had another angiogram to be sure that all of the AVM is gone. A team of 3 doctors came in to talk to her about the procedure. She did not have a good night last night and slept about 3 hours, feeling very uncomfortable. She has another excellent new nurse today and has been working hard to find the right meds that work for Mary.

The pain meds that work for most patients just like her are not nearly enough! But, although she is in pain most of the day, she still finds ways to make us smile.

My parents stayed with her until the last moment before she went in for her procedure. One of her Doctors, Dr. Farid held her hand, and was wonderful with Mary.

The machine that they use for the angiogram is huge. She was not completely out but had enough meds to keep her in less pain and discomfort. The procedure lasted for 2 hours and from the doctor's mouth, " The AVM is gone. No leaking. Looks very good." I cannot believe we got to hear those words.

Mary will have to return to SF in 6 months for another angiogram to be sure everything still looks great.

She is now on drugs that will help the swelling of her face and neck go down. She is 50 % better than she was earlier today and is happily enjoying listening to the Office/Bachelor tonight (her eyes are still swollen shut.)

Although her eyes are still swollen shut, her swelling is slowly going down and her spirits are going up.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers. So far, this could not have turned out any better and we are so, so grateful.

We love you Miracle Mary.


  1. This is terrific news! What a relief to have it thoroughly gone. Please tell Mary "bien fait, ma petite - tu es courageuse! Grosses bises et je t'aime beaucoup."

  2. Amazing, simply amazing. I'm so glad to hear Mary is doing good. Our prayers have been with your family at this time.

  3. Thanks for the updates here. We've been praying for Mary and are thrilled that the surgery was successful!! Love you guys.

  4. Hmmm....the last comment didn't let me say who it was from. This is Suzanne Ballard