Sunday, January 30, 2011

Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast

Mary is resting and enduring tremendous pain. But like a battlefield warrior, she does not give up the fight and she barely complains. In quiet, calm words she will say, 'Is there anything you can do to help me? I'm in so much pain.' She has rated it a level 12 on the pain scale of 1-10.

I am not able to communicate with all of you during this critical time. My focus is on Mary. There are many things to share and so many loved ones and friends who are concerned and providing great support, but I don't even want to take the time to send a text because it takes me away from her.

The many hours of being in her quiet presence though, has allowed me to be mindful of the many loved ones who are making it possible for Brad and I to forget everything else and take care of Mary. Let me share how wonderful they are with you:

Our son Phillip and his wife Jessica~taking care of Thomas, his schedule, pet schedule, and our home.
My parents~Thomas, home, pets and communicating with all of you, for us.
Thomas~7+ months of patience and support, being the 'big brother' that Mary needs.
Catherine~Keeping all of you and the family informed during these critical days on our behalf, the temporary 'ghost writer' of our blog, my #1 cheerleader when I need a boost to keep going!
Kris~For loving Catherine and supporting her as she supports us.
Zane~For literally standing at Mary's side and leading her through this difficult path; sacrificing every part of his life to be with her.
Zane's Family~For supporting him in his efforts, rides to airport, storing Mary's Utah belongings, sending prayers and gifts to Mary.
Lauren~Taking shifts at the house with Thomas and our dogs; a true friend to Mary and all of us.
Brad's parents~At the ready to come here or to Vancouver to help us.
Our Bigelow family here in the bay area~Introduced us to wonderful Dr. Lawton and are nearby for anything we need.
Jessica's parents, The Witts~Loaned us a car for our entire stay and brought supplies to the hotel.
Our extended family, congregation and friends~helping and lending support, especially to Thomas
All of you, literally all around the world~praying, fasting, sending well~wishes.

I try to take a few minutes each day to read through my email or look at messages. I am always boosted and recharged as I read your encouraging words. In turn, that helps us to help Mary! We read her the messages and we remind her of how many people love and care about her. I am so grateful for your faith and the time you take to reach out to us.

I truly feel your love and your strength.


  1. Mary, you are such a wonderful girl. I know you can pull through this. I'm so glad that I got to meet you while I was on my mission. You are an inspiration to all those that have any sort of trials. My prayers are with you.
    Clarissa(Sister Kelly)

  2. So sorry for all of Mary's happy that the AVM is out of there. She is truly is your family who are all sticking together to help her!

    Our prayers are with you,

    The Stinchfields (Barb and Kenn)