Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miracles Happen Everyday

Today Mary made more huge strides in her recovery process. Still in intense pain at random times during the day but cracking jokes, smiling and chatting with everyone she sees. Early this afternoon Mary was able to walk up and down the hallways of the hospital with someone on each side to help her along. Both of her eyes are swollen shut, but she was able to get a small glimpse out of her right eye to see out the windows of UCSF at the Golden Gate Bridge.

She has been in pretty good spirits all day and even got to see herself in the mirror for the first time today. We were worried that she would be sad or scared when she saw her swelling but being the Mary that she is, she simply had a good laugh. It is only temporary and was expected by her doctors, which makes things easier.

She had a rough patch this afternoon, intense pain in her head and body, but was good as new for a couple of hours with some heavy drugs:)
Mary's fave nurse, Brittany

Zane went back to Provo tonight, and it was bittersweet. He has been amazing with Mary. He is always by her side. Helping her eat, helping her to calm down when she is in pain, massaging her to make her feel more comfortable and listening whenever she wants to talk. She did not want him to go but they will see each other soon and a little of that "Zane Magic" will return!
Mary brushing her teeth for the first time:)

Today we saw Mary's personality come back and had fun joking, laughing and telling stories. Tonight she was able to talk to her siblings, and what a blessing that was. Catherine was able to video chat with Mary and Peggy for almost 2 hours and they had so much fun. Technology is truly amazing.Sister CatherineBrother Phil

Tomorrow she has another angiogram to triple check that they got all of the AVM out. We ask that you keep her in your prayers for tomorrow. We have continued faith and have been blessed so much in the past several months. We could not have imagined a better ending to one chapter and beautiful beginning to the next chapter of Mary's life. What a bright future she has ahead.

We love you Miracle Mary.


  1. What an amazing day! So glad to hear she is making marvelous strides in her recovery! Thinking about you all often. <3

  2. Peggy, I am so glad to hear how quickly she is recovering & returning to normal. All of your family is amazing & I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

  3. Hi Peggy It has been our pleasure to get to know Mary when we visited our Jamie in Provo. So glad to have your 2 sweet daughters as her friends. We have learned so much from your family's faith, love, and positive attitude. Please give Mary a hug from us she is surly an inspiration!! We know that you have family here but-- Benicia is not far from UCSF please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. May the Lord continue to Bless you and your family. luv The Picketts