Saturday, January 22, 2011

Continued Prayers

Zane and Mary, she always has someone by her side.

Mary is doing really well today, considering what she has had done. This evening she was moved out of the neuro ICU and onto the neuro recovery floor. What an amazing thing. This means that she is completely stable, although on pain killers to keep her as comfortable as possible.

She has had major pain today but not more than expected. Any movement of her head or near her head is torture, so we stay close to her side and try not to make any sudden movements. Today she had a CT scan to verify that everything was removed and as far as that scan went, everything looks great. On Monday she will have another angiogram (where they go through the femoral artery and dye is shot through the vessels up to her brain) to triple check that all of the AVM was successfully removed.

Mary likes to have her hand held and just to have us near. Today she was very quiet, simply exhausted but she did whisper to us a little here and there.

We are so impressed with UCSF staff and hospital. They are amazing and treat us so well. Exactly what we need this week. They have 2 neuro ICU floors and an entire neuro wing for recovering neuro patients.

Mary is not the typical post-op patient-they treat her fabulously. They let us be with her in her room and have been very accommodating. This has been a huge relief for our family.

There are beautiful views out of every window and an amazing cafeteria (helping with the occasional Diet Coke need:)) She now is in her own, quiet, private room-which is a great blessing.

Today has been a difficult day. Lots of pain, which is expected but always hard to face. They are taking phenomenal care of Mary and are planning to get her up and out of bed within the next couple of days. She has made it this far and we expect that she makes great strides within the coming days.

Continued prayers are greatly appreciated. We love you all.

Miracle Mary

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  1. Beautiful message Peg,it was so wonderfulto hear all about Mary's first hours after surgery! It sounds from your comment that she has been so blessed and in such great hands with fabulous caring doctors!
    She is so lucky to have all of you there to hold her and love her!
    Ous prayers and love are with you all here in Vancouver, we cant wait to welcome her home!

    Love you,Lisa and fam.