Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mary ~ Day 3

                                Mary's pretty toes are always sticking out from the covers

June 21, 2010

Mary had a very good night last night with quiet, still sleep. When she first saw me this morning she said 'I want french fries-please Mom? Why can't I have them?'  

She was awake and lucid for about 2 minutes and so we tried asking her questions about the 19th~the day of her hemorrhage~she was alone until I found her~9 hours later.

She was so concerned about 'What is wrong and when can I go home?' 

She has great care-she has had the same nurse, Tad, both nights and he returns tonight. Brad says he looks like a young Ray Liotta. We are so impressed with how efficient he is with Mary's care. And he works so quietly.  He brought in another cot for Catherine so she could stay here with Mary and I. 

Mary will have 2 procedures this afternoon~an angiogram and an embolization. They will seal off any further bleeding and give the surgeon a clear 'photo' of what the options will be, down the road, to remove the AVM and remove the clot. Dr. George Shanno is her neurosurgeon and is specialized in this condition.
She is expected to be here for 1 week. 

Small victories are keeping us going.  Today the nurse asked her what the date is and she said,'The 21st or 22nd.'  We almost cheered! 

We are so appreciative of the many outpourings of love for Mary. She will be amazed when she learns of how many people have reached out to her. 

If you want to know more about what an AVM is, just go to google.com and search AVM. The best definition is the first one.

We'll keep you posted!

Much Love-Peggy and the Fam

*Mary’s quote from last night to her nurse: 'Sir will you please help me find the restaurant?'  
(We are keeping a list of everything funny that she says!) 


  1. You've come a long way, baby.

  2. Julie, ma belle bijou, I love you. So much. You have known me my whole life! How lucky am I? Vous me manquez...toujours! Thank you for coming to the ICU and reading to me, so softly. :] I can barely remember bits of anything, but I can see that in my mind like it was yesterday; no, today.

    Love you.